Monday 7 April 2014


This is a remix. But it's a remix with a difference cause it's officially titled the 'Basement Re-Work' and, when you listen to it, you can really get where the basement part comes from. Cause this is all basement. This is all dusty and half-uncovered and dimly lit and unseen for years and subterranean. And it should be so, because the guy who made this – the Brighton-based Eone – usually makes undegroundy darkly cold/cool tracks but this one is my favourite so far.

With samples from the Gladys Knight version creeping in scratchy and distorted as if they've travelled all the way from 1967 to infiltrate your ears, it's a song that basically expounds a quintessential UK sound and that's an eerie, hard and almost dub-flavoured minimalism. Laden with a dusky soundscape of floating soft synths, it is a song of two halves with this wah-wah synth aching with chorused wobble as its liquid riff: a slo-house rhythm with dub clacks for snares that goes uptempo, double-time, for its ending.

It's thick with this almost stifling darkness, a deep quality that feels as if the sounds are viscously orbiting you, cushioning you, all along. The uptempo part feels fresh, there's a groovesome vibe to it, and with the sample chiming in amidst the boom of the beat there's a reliclike air to it, an authenticity, a stamp of the past on something that – with its style – could only be new. Tbh I don't think I've ever heard a Motown sample framed in a sound like this one, and for that, well, this is pioneering. Or it might be the case that my experience or knowledge doesn't extend as far as yours or the next person's, but whateverrr.

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