Tuesday 22 April 2014


I dunno about you but when I first heard this song it tickled my ears so much that I needed to itch em. No jokes. I don't know if that's meaningful or anything but I've written it now so let's just leave it at that. Anyway, point being: it sounds real good. What sounds real good? This track 'Felt_It' by Filipino producer Similarobjects – real name Jorge Juan Wieneke V, from Makati (one of the cities that makes up Metro Manila), there are but two songs on his SoundCloud, one of them being a repost, which is this particular track.

There's something real nice about this track – a narcotic haze that seems to veil everything, a drugged atmosphere that leans towards the cooler streams and tidal pools of chillwave's breezy style; even the beats seem to be shadowed, blanketed, by these rich fog of synth sounds, out of which appear vocal samples which seem to ripple in the vast fluid expanses of synth, moving in huge, slow waves of sound.

But then there's this break in the middle, where the vocal samples seem to be turned down a notch, taking on a low-register, nearly menacing tone – the beat changes too, becoming a double-time jaunt of hip-hop to the trickling sway of trappish design at either sides of this little break. After this, the vocals become higher, become more frequent, jumping out of the richly textured mass of cloudlike sound like glossy dolphins breaching the surface of a silvery sea in slow-motion, the sun turning splashes into golden glints that explode with each samples breathy entrance to our ears.

It's quite beautiful – ambiently so. And then at the end it morphs into something different still, a slice of chillout where indecipherable yet soulful voices fade into a resounding void – if the title is anything go by, well, yes: I felt it! There is feeling here! Wondrous feeling. Wondrous yet lonely – the busy feeling of being encased in a bubble of unconnectedness in the midst of a bustling city full of people. And I hope you liked it. I am looking forward to more from this guy.

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