Friday 18 April 2014


Last time I wrote about Kidkanevil, it was to do with this madly bristling tree-laden remix of Polish producer UKU's track 'Forest 5 am' – further detailing the UK-based Kidkanevil as a master of glitchtronic atmospheres, of delicacy and dynamism. Not that his part in Kidsuke, the collaboration with Japanese glitch king Daisuke Tanabe didn't show off his talents well enough – it's just nice to hear new stuff with his mark on it.

Speaking of which, did you know that Kidkanevil has a new album approaching? Well if you didn't, you know now. And because of that, there are a couple of songs floating about in the digital sphere – new songs that are very good. One of these is the gloriously addictive 'Inakunaru', in which Gerard Roberts – Kidkanevil's name irl – shares production & creation duty with Yokohama-based Phasma. This is the subject of this post.

Now I've been having a bit of trouble translating 'inakunaru' – literally it means something like "be not here" or "not being here" or "being absent" and I guess in a way "disappeared"; on the other hand I google translated it and it gave me "poof" as a translation (as in "poof— it was gone") but I'm not sure about that. Either way, it's with that sense of un-here-ness, of transitional unreality, that we descend into the track, feeling its intricate organic percussion, its various mechanical clunks and clicks, drawing into its gallery of gently ping-ponging bloops and marimba and long flute-like bleeps. Cutesy yet ghostly vocals deliver sweetness above this cerebral beat, above the solid bass washed over by the harsh waves of noise (Phasma's touch perhaps?); the end of the track is a mash of sharp hi-hats and beeps 'n' boops bouncing like blops of neon.

The business in the track gives it colour, yet there's a sombre tone to it, perhaps in the simply fluctuating flute-like melody – an atmosphere that fits the name of Kidkanevil's aforementioned album: My Little Ghost – a name that instantly conjures a kind of endearing friendliness, yet within the frame of things passed, of phantomic proportions. And if it's all toeing this delicate balance of sombre fun, of cute lament – as well as featuring Japanese talent including the likes of Cuushe and Cokiyu – then it's gonna be a lovely album.

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