Tuesday 15 October 2013


Wow it's here. And I never thought it would get here. Or, at least, I never thought there would be such a thing as an "Official Music Video" for one of Saint Pepsi's songs, but it's happened. It's rather incredible, really, that this song 'Unhappy' has gone as crazy as it has. It's not because I thought it was a bad song and was like, "how could THIS do well?" it's just a very different kind of song which I am very glad has done well.

I already wrote about the actual song itself when it 'came out', well, before it came out officially but it was floating around somewhere anyway so I thought whatever. The reason it was waiting in the shadows for because it was due to be premiered on The Fader - what a way for an underground internet (undernet?) artist to be heard by a much wider audience. But basically: a sped up sample of an acoustic lament about the end of summer from a late 90s emo band set to candy-shimmering synths and attitudinal trap beats. Who would've thought it would work? On paper, it's totally huh wtf. But in practice, it's actually omg wow.

The video is below. It is directed by Alexander Girav and there are also a lot of other people involved, the names of whom you can check out if you go to the actual page of the video on YouTube. For now, sit back, enjoy the bittersweet, nouveau-nostalgia of this track with the added visual bonus of a rather charming, blossoming new relationship that forgets everyone else to have fun together.

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