Tuesday 1 October 2013


Here is something for you. It is from two American artists. One is called Botany (Spencer Stephenson IRL) and he is a producer from Texas. The other is called RYAT and she is a singer; in this instance, she provides vocals whilst Mr Botany lays down a long and winding road of heady noises.

This comes, by the way, from Botany's upcoming album - out 29th October on Texan label, Western Vinyl - called Lava Diviner (Truestory). It is so-called because it's kind of a concept album about a religious cult that prays for a volcano to erupt, but also being his debut album, Stephenson himself feels that it's a "cathartic release" - an eruption that was just waiting to happen. And fair enough too: his last release, an EP called Feeling Today, was released aaaall the way back in 2010.

But aside from the mysteries and canon of trivia that lies behind this release, what is there? Well, there is this song called 'Simple Creatures'. It is an amalgamation of organic noises that clatter together in orgiastic repetition, presided over by the sweeping layered lilt of RYAT.

The sond creates the perfect setting: euphoria tinged with darkness that illustrates the simple pleasures of simple creatures. Hi-hats judder, bells tinkle, electronic boops bob along, tapping percussion - a general yet intricate mash of makeshift metallic clink-clanking forges a path almost into the crater of the volcano itself, followed by the chorus of voices provided by RYAT. Her thousand-layers of vocals are as addictive as they are blissfully easy on the ears. A drivingly relentless yet understated bass upholds all of this. It reminds me of entering the Fire Temple in Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the first time: heat warps the air and the intensity of your surroundings just overwhelm you. This is what this song is like. But it is sweetly overwhelming. As such, it'll be really nice to hear how 'Simple Creatures' will fit into the journey that I expect Lava Diviner (Truestory) will be.

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