Tuesday 1 October 2013


Hi everyone. I hope you're all doing well. As I was walking to go and get a coffee this morning it suddenly struck me that it was Autumn. Yeah, like, for reals Autumn. Straight up grey sky, blustery wind, chestnut spiky thingies on the pavement, brown leaves blowing about. Yes. Autumn. In all its glory. Being quite a lover of summer I find it quite difficult to get into the swing of Autumn, let alone Winter, but there is one thing I do look forward to: coats. Not only do they hide the inevitable tide of fat that grows with the cold, dark nights, but they also have loads of pockets which is really handy for keeping loads of things on you - from cigarettes to wallets, small food items and other refreshments; coats are useful.

Anyway, I've done that thing again where I make a playlist. It's just under 2 hours long and features all (well, most of) all the fun music I've written about this past month. I am still just trying to get over the fact that it is the first day of October. All those October releases I've been reading about seemed miles away, ages and ages away, but now they're practically on my doorstep. That's enough of that though. Please enjoy this playlist, it's especially for you. Put it on when you cook some dinner or do some homework or just while you're lounging around.

THING OF THE MONTH || Kero Kero Bonito - 'Sick Beat'

Why? Well, although it was a latecomer to the September playlist, out of everything I have featured on YES/NO, this particular song just resonated with me. There's rapping in Japanese (not that I can understand but I likes the sound of it), there's samples of Super Mario 64, there are little carnival whistles dotted in there, it has a general quirky atmosphere, is majorly catchy, and it also has a nice message: that girls are just as eligible and entitled to play videogames as boys are. The rapper in the song, Sarah, reckons she could win at any game, "whether you're a boy or a girl or a supercomputer. In any case, that's that. Skip straight to 'Sick Beat' if you wanna hear it right now.

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