Monday 14 October 2013


Hi. Does anyone remember that really awkward time that I said "wOW man GR8 set!!" on Twitter to CFCF when actually it wasn't even CFCF playing? What an eejit I was. But since that time, since that month, I've grown up exponentially and already I feel the sage wisdom of a 200-year-old mind kept sharp with goji berries and rice wine. Gone are the burgers of my youth, gone are the raging sugars and the tendency to mistake identities. Tranquil mind.

In any case, yeah, I said it. Moving on, I can say that I really like CFCF. I first got to know the music of Montreal-based Michael Silver (for that is his real name) through his remixes of a couple of HEALTH songs, namely 'Triceratops' (my f-f-favourite) and the very-different-sounding-almost-opposite 'Before Tigers'. This was a long time ago now and he's been doing all sorts of business since then.

Most recently, as you can probably tell, he's released a new video for a song called 'Beyond Light'. If you watch the video I bet you'd think, "computer graphics fo sho" - and you'd be wrong. These are actually created non-computerly. Pretty cool. CFCF himself tweeted, "yes please do watch the Beyond Light video in the highest possible resolution plz. As loud as possible. In a sensory deprivation tank." The closest I can get to a sensory deprivation tank is a pair of headphones so that will have to do.

Starting simply enough with what sounds like two battling MIDI electric guitars, other instruments introduce themselves with subtle gusto, hi-hats shuffle at trance-like tempo, kicks like someone stamping on a huge, hollow wooden floor - dusty and muffled - with the rhythmic stutter of a heartbeat accompany the plasma-sweep of a wibbling bassline. It's an exercise in looping to ecstasy, invoking a hypnotic state - especially with the video blinking its trip-o-matic kaleidoscopic visuals at you, this is one mesmerising song. Big tribal drums every now and again beat an earthy punch that provide reality's interruption into this ceremonial dance.

This comes from his second album, Outside, which is released 21st October on Dummy Records (except for North America which is 22nd on Paper Bag Records). So keep an eye out for that よ.

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