Wednesday 2 October 2013


How about some HOUSE? Yeah? Yeah? Good idea, great idea, let's do it, let's have some house, wooo. So, anyway, I was once in somewhere when someone said to me, after I noticed that they were listening to something by Cyril Hahn, that I should "love the house bruv" - and I am thinking now: yes, love the house; continue to love the house and do so in all its new, weird and wonderful forms. Love the house always. Don't be a fan of only house - that's STUPID - but love the house. Love the house like your own house, flat, residency. Love. The. House.

And who, in their right mind, doesn't like a little bit of house, a house tipple, a shot of house, every now and again? You're right: not many people. So in the spirit of that, I thought I'd share a little bit of some house music that I have found. If my SEO for "house" doesn't go up, I'll be like well annoyed. Just kidding, I'm err doing this cause I like the song. Can it be called a song? Track I guess. It's a house track. And it comes from Australian label Future Classic, who are ploughing right into the future with a load of decent releases recently (just have a look & listen fo' yoself); in some ways, just that stamp, the FC one, is enough to know that this is gonna be tasty tune.

It's called 'Imperfection' and it is by a duo, made up of Luke and Olly, called Bodhi - they are from Cardiff (that's in the UK you know). Ready yourselves for a very rhythmic encounter.

Thick and meaty multi-layered goodness dwells in this song, like an extremely tasty multi-storied sandwich but one that jumps outta your hands and dances into your mouth. It's progressive, too, taking you from a simple kick pattern, adding in different spices and all sorts like making a delicious curry or something: in comes the hint of bouncy bassline, the sharp metallic hiss of regulated hi-hats, chunks of chopped vocal, rushing ambient crackles, flakes of tambourine. Then it all explodes into an indomitable groove, thanks mainly to a funky bassline that rumbles ridiculously low-register. My eardrums are getting a massage through this vibration.

Emotion and romance is added through the help of a vocal sample (where is it from, do u kno?) that cries out wonderfully throughout the track, chopped and reconstructed with a clear ear for what's gonna get everyone going. As it continues, a wave of synth chords rise ever upwards through the noises of the song to bring the excitement and interest in the track to a literal boiling point, fever pitch, a limitless barrier seeming to have been broken to how much euphoria can figure in this short space of time.

Whew. I feel exhausted. My mind itself has been dancing. It has sore feet. Anyway, you know this is on Future Classic and it's the Imperfection / No More EP and it's out 7th October.

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