Tuesday 1 October 2013


This is a cool surprise. If you liked the original Disclosure song 'F For You', especially if you liked it for its housey, garagey flavours, then you may not necessarily like this unofficial remix by Paris-based man of hip hop, Onra. Not only is it a completely different speed, but it has a completely different feel. Some will like it, some will not.

I like it though. It's really cool to hear a song so huge get this kind of treatment is very nice indeed. I liked Disclosure's original, but it wasn't my favourite track of theirs, nope not at all. I think in this instance, Onra has given this song such a makeover that it can never return, at least in my eyes, to being that original song. I basically prefer this version.

If you've heard of Onra before, good for you, you're really clever at music; if you haven't, then... well I was going to write his biography out and then I realised that, well, Wikipedia has done it just fine already. Anyway. Now it's time to listen, so do it.

Onra gives it a retro feel, glints of metallic sound shine throughout, with a chord progression in the glistening synth that breathes an organic spirit into the track. Before, 'F For You' was clinically produced - in this remix, there is an earthiness to it that cannot be denied. A super slo-down hip hop beat and waves of mean, pulsing bass underpin these major changes to the fabric of this song; above, it's decorated with a nearly indiscernible tinkling of bells. All these throwback sounds give a charming appeal to the remix, whilst keeping the original hook of the original preserved like something in an echo tunnel. Laid-back and nicely chilled.

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