Wednesday 14 August 2013

Y E A R S ビスタ (VISTA)

So last month I wrote about YEARS or Y E A R S or // Y E Λ R S //'s song 'She Is The Girl Of My Dreams' - dreamy stuff, as you might imagine from the name. But then, most of this bedroom musician's music is rather dreamy (self-described as "Crazy Trap//Chill//Ambient//Dream"). And if there is any insult felt from "bedroom musician", then I apologise. It's just a phrase. A meaningless phrase. Just means you make music at home. Is that so wrong?

In any case, here's another song from the man (or woman - let's not discriminate) him/herself. It's called 'ビスタ' or in English 'Vista' - a view of sorts I guess. It was posted to his/her Facebook page with a message that said it was "really really the last track" they would make: "my mpc is dead so i can't make music anymore for long time". They mean Akai MPC - a cool kinda sequencer/sampler/drum machine. It's an interesting fact that they're so analogue in this digital age. Certainly gives things an earthy, scrabblingly real sound, as it is on this new track.

I just thought it was quite an interesting sound, so I had to write about it. Whilst it coasts along on its attitudinal hip hop beat, complete with synthy woodblock tappings and sharp scatty hi-hat, boom-booming kicks as well. Pop-tinkling chimes glitter icily alongside the smart sampled synth, like the sound of a mystical bath emptying.

The most interesting thing for me was the altered sample of Celine Dion's vocals in 'My Heart Will Go On' - against the brash down-south beat, this kind of jarred, but then that's the sound of this kind of music. It's jarring. Discordant, almost. But I like it. Dreamy sounds, strange samples, big beats. Yeah. A meeting point of real life and the dreamworld.

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