Monday 12 August 2013


Here is some quite dancey stuff to get dancey to, should you ever want to get dancey. Sometimes it's nice to get dancey; other times, it's nicer to chill out. Since I can hardly judge the mood of each and every person who reads this (wish I could) it is hit and miss whether you are going to like it at the time. Timing is a big part of finding a new song to like. Find it in the wrong mood and you might not like it. Your tastes are more fickle than you think.

So anyway, I was messaged on Facebook with this the other day. A song called 'Four On The Floor' by a French duo from Dijon called II. - that's their shortened name anyway: sometimes it's Un Et Un Font Deux (One And One Makes Two).

As a song, it reeks with attitude as soon as you click the play button. The synth stabs that you're presented with from the very start are telling of what is soon to come. I love that kind of synth sound though, cut-off, chopped, brimming with treble - like an instrument from the future. That sound comes to characterise the rest of the song as it's put on delay and muffled by turns.

The song is an uncomplicated house song with guts, that much is for sure. About halfway through the beat subsides and all that's left is this metallic bass zooming around - sounds great. The beat features a plosive kick and claps, snare fills and tambourine shakes, and moves a little faster than your average house song. A female vocal of "yeah... ahh" - chopped-up of course - gives it a sultry, soft human edge.

All in all, yes. I like it. A nice sound that encompasses the slightly poppish side of dance music, dark and disco-like. It appeared on New's Lighters Records first compilation We Re-Created Disco, showcasing a number of talented alternative electronic dance acts.

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