Sunday 11 August 2013


I haven't heard anything from Four Tet in a while. Why? I don't know. It's quite easy to miss things if you're not looking for them, I guess. I just assumed, maybe, that something would pop up eventually. And it did. And it's good. As you'd expect

You may have already heard this doing the rounds recently. It's a remix of 'Perpetual Surrender' by a Canadian band called DIANA. The original is quite a nice song by itself: nice percussion, synths that wash over you, groovy slow-jam bassline and caressing female vocals that get right in your ear. This combination of nice things kind of lends itself to a good remix, especially someone with a good ear.

Enter Four Tet. He takes the slow percussion and speeds it up, making it a clip-clopping tick-tocking tribal sensation. A house kick then bursts onto the scene. The start of this song is a typical Four Tet intro. A lush build up that kind of sends your mind into a frenzy. So many new elements are added and then repeated ad infinitum; layers of samples from the vocal, breathy bits and snippets of sung words. A glitchy affair. Before you know it, even these have become a part of the beat itself. He is the king of looping. Let's loop forever.

And this video is nice. It's cool. Karaoke style. 112 bars intro.

Soon he introduces the bass. It is a funked-up groovesomely majestic stand-out variation of the bassline from the original song and it works really nicely. The vocals are treated with respect, being allowed to breathe over the top of the jungle-noise percussive beat; in fact, he has taken the echo from them that is present in the original. Perhaps that's a better thing, I dunno. Probably. They just sound clearer and it suits the busier background sounds of Four Tet's version.

The saxophone solo and more noises rush in towards the end. Then the abrupt finish. What! It's over! Huh! !??!??¿¿¿⁄⁄⁄⁄!!¡¡¡ I know. I know. It's nice. It's like it should NEVER end. But it has to. Like all things. But at least it was nice enough to have that feeling of wanting it to go on for longer. Nice one.

btw you can download this song for FREE on DIANA's website the debut album of DIANA, incidentally named Perpetual Surrender too, is out 20th August on Jagjaguwar.

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