Wednesday 7 August 2013


And now I have something for you that comes from an artist who seems to come from nowhere and has no ties and is known only by some people on SoundCloud. But that's not a problem. I just think it adds to mystique - not that mystique is something that makes music sound any different or better or anything. It's just an interesting facet. The artist in question is Gamma-F7 and the song in question is 'Two Tone Pitch Bent'.

Nice and nothingy - no emotion, no feelings, just a fantasy adventure inside some kind of intergalactic magic carpet-slash-circuit board. It's a cool, cold, icy kind of sound. Something created in a laboratory for major funk experiments. The rhythm of a thousand dancing harddrives in tandem. That kind of thing u know. It's quite unique in that there seem to be two different beats going on at the same time: something quite fast, tittering and skipped-out hi-hats; then there's something slow, almost a dubstep beat, a slow two-step kinda thing.

In a medley of chopped up samples, the song exists. It is made up entirely of chopped up samples. Not that that's a bad thing. It actually isn't a bad thing at all. As interrupted vocal samples breathe through the scintillating sounds, almost like neon-glowing glass cascading down a day-glo waterfall, hollow synth chords mark the song's progression alongside, of course, the beat - the snare appearing like a punch from nowhere in virtual reality.

Generally, it is just a very busy and energetic sound. Partly coming from the glitchy elements where samples are held back and riffed upon like toy sub-machine guns. I like how it slows gradually towards the end, eventually becoming just a completely slowed-down version of its former self. The shutting down of some huge, glossy, imaginary machine. Internet music. Hope you enjoyed it.

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