Wednesday 7 August 2013


This is the perfect song to nurse a fragile head after an evening of mixing various wines and beers and eating lots of cheese. It's just wonderful, wonderful I tell you. Exploring the world of the internet for different music can lead to really nice things sometimes - and things I wouldn't have previously searched out for myself. Like this song.

It's called 'Your Day' and it's by a Greek guy from Athens who makes music under the moniker Melorman - more like Mellowman (or actually his real name, Antonis Haniotakis). Cause this music is unswervingly mellow. It might well be two months old, but who-diddly-cares? Not me. It comes from a compilation CD of chilled-out ambient music called The Silence Was Warm Vol. 4 by Symbolic Interaction (I don't know what that is - a label? a collective?)

The ambient percussive synth sounds cast a spell, wrapping you in the trappings of total chillment. They almost seem to float, gently reverbing away. A light beat is introduced, but it's nothing so harsh that would cause discomfort to a jaded mind - it's soft and almost fuzzy (just like my brain this morning) - and in the midst of these bassy vibrations, some reverse-piano joins in. This adds a dreamlike quality, which gets even more dreamlike with tiny starshot sounds in the song's break that run as tiny silk stitches over the larger quilt of the now increasingly mixed-together synth noises. Scattered percussion aids the bassy kicks of the beat.

A strange, backwards, unintelligible vocal sample aches and yearns towards the final section, taking solace in its being the only sound stretching between the busier and less busy parts.

Anyway, it's nice, especially when you feel like your brain is chopped and spread through different and unfriendly galaxies. It doesn't make me feel horrible, basically. The way it ties up at both ends, with the beatless, delicately delayed synth sounds leading us in and leading us out is quite nice too - a cyclical journey. A lovely holiday for your ears. A trip into space or a walk into an enchanted swamp or being sucked in by a cute indie videogame.

You can listen to more of his music, for instance, on this short album called Waves.

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