Wednesday 7 August 2013


I know I don't often post about bands so much - I am not sure why that is. Before I began writing this post I was wondering, "Why is that?" and I thought that perhaps bands are more likely to have management, PR, etc. than people sitting in their bedrooms (horrible stereotype but there you go) making electronic music. So people who make electronic music are more numerous. Thus they're easier to find. Thus I post about them a little bit more and GOD what a horrid and pretentious word "thus" is. I'm sorry about that. Anyway, I might be wrong, ok? So don't worry.

Here we have The Orwells with a nice chirpy song called 'Who Needs You'. I first heard about The Orwells, a band from Chicago, when Palma Violets were talking on the radio about touring with them in America. They played one of their songs and I liked it. Fast forward to now, and I am finally getting around to writing about them. I still have "The Orwells" scrawled on a scrappy piece of paper somewhere as a crappy reminder.

It's a bouncy, rhythmically distorted number that has more in common with English stuff like The Libertines, for example - just listen to those staccato chords at the end of each chorus cycle: positively brimming with the pogo-bop of pop-punk. The drums are thick and create a dancefloor stomper, and the instruments don't overwhelm the vocals, instead being given their own, voice-free chance to shine. Speaking of the vocals, in fact, they're unique in their rich and raspy yelling, something that you wouldn't necessarily expect with this kind of music - something more high-pitched and affected would be more the kind of thing. For me anyway. However, it works perfectly. In fact, I love the vocals in this song. I think they are what give it their kinda indefinable edge - you can detect urgency and energy with them. The music backs them up very nicely.

The Who Needs You EP will by out 9th September (UK; 10th US). More juddering sounds to keep the onset of Autumn at bay, I hope!

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