Wednesday 21 August 2013


Here's something really nice. It's totally pop indie / indie pop all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - a band, a quite up-and-coming band - as far as I understand it - around the SEA (that's South East Asia to all those not familiar with the term) area, called Tenderfist. I think there are two or three of them but I don't know.

This particular track is called 'Postcards' and is NOT, as the SoundCloud title says, 'Social Club' - one commenter on the song (see: this is why the internet can be so good) said, "The first (opening) track is called "Rob That Social Club" and the second is "Postcards". I have their CD with me." Can't argue with that, can ya?

But aside from naming mishaps and whatever, this song is like, so totally nice. It has an inescapable groove that I suppose you could attribute first off the bat to the strong piano with some classy accompanying clicks, and secondly to the four-on-the-floor house beat coupled with that kick-matching bass. That piano actually sounds a little housey if you get what I mean. In those lovely almost pummelled-down chords there is a great progression up and down the keyboard. Later on, it becomes more of a constant riff.

The vocals are crystal clear and charming, sounding as well-established and quietly confident as any well-established and quietly confident lead vocalist of a well-established (American) band. What does that voice remind me of? Or rather: who? There's something really familiar about this guy's voice and it only works in their favour.

That up-and-down chord progression is then followed by a light electric guitar, higher octave piano, and decorated around halfway through with a cutesy synth melody, and even later on with some emotive strings whilst the vocals repeat the refrain, "When will I see you again?" The snare rolls in towards the end and everything comes together in a medley of positive sound. The guitar's distortion hangs in the air with sequential chords (imagine them played Pete Townshend/whirlwind style) and fist-pumping rave-like whoops of "Woo!" join the party.

Cute lyrics too. This ain't a lyrics site so you're gonna have to listen to it yourself to hear those. But it's basically about missing someone. If you have a heart, then I'm sure you've probably experienced this before. And what a wonderful illustration of that feeling - the kinda sad but mainly completely infatuated longing and excitement for your crush/lover/partner/friend/girlfriend/boyfriend's return. Very lovely. On their Facebook page, however, they are endearingly modest, saying under Description: "don't worry. just songs by awkward people." <3

This came or comes from Tenderfist's album Tourist Car.

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