Saturday 22 July 2017


Here is a cave network of sound, a lo-fi labyrinth of carved tunnel gloom and the majesty of something once-great but lost, the dripping stone calcification of it all and the millennia smell of this absolar world and its ruins hidden and hemmed in by rock, chambers and rooms and cathedralic spaces with vaulted ceilings and arcane edifices staring silent on the walls. Here we are, in the wheezing industrial mechanics, the dusty ancient organic flavours conjuring human spirit, the sense of elsewhere and of subterranean secrets constructed with progressive analogue hammer-and-anvil growth for maximum atmosphere effusion, the soundtrack to abandonment.

'After U' by Dallas-based producer BOUT completely transports, not with an alien sound but with one that is this expansive burrowing sort of vibe, an alternate history of the world, gorgeous thudding kicks trailed by abrasive scrapes dig into the ground joined by muffled clacking percussion tumbling rockily, wide chords rise up illustrative of illustrious spaces now decayed with white noise howling from a distant past. Those dusty kicks advance and march four-on-the-floor in an uptempo charge of esoteric techno rumbling with cranking cog hi-hat clink-clanking, paving the way for that humanistic guitar to float low and lamenting amidst a swirl of cooing ghosts in this crackling crystal ball vision of a track.

  • πŸ”” It is possible to purchase the quietly incredible 'After U' on Bandcamp.
  • πŸ”” The track is taken from BOUT's debut EP Some Dream, out digitally 16th August and on cassette tape 31st August.
  • πŸ”” The spooky abandoned building-themed video for 'After U' was created Olivia Themudo.

BOUT Internet Presence ☟

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