Thursday 27 July 2017


This track exudes wandering feeling, something achieved by the first wide chords that fade into the tract of percussion already at work, and kept up by the multiple switches that happen throughout the track's duration, this sonic shape of meandering through somewhere, the kind of soundscape that fits weaving in and out of trudging commuters, or watching the land change blurring through the window on a road trip, a sense of discovery summoned by mossy, ever-present amidst the uncountable percussive clinkings and the space-leaning synths that shine and gleam and add a steamy water vapour rainforest mist to the proceedings, this natural feel conjured by these endless tracts of percussion luscious and wonderful, ornaments for 'glass'.

Snaking hi-hats rattle and handclaps slap-slap-slap-slap and a triangle tings and rainstick streamings and smart snapping snares and synthetic woodblocks clip-clip-click and far-off textural deliciousness cash registers a book flying through the air hitting a tree trunk with a stick—and then the marimba glockenspiel is chiming mysterious heavenly percussive glinting amidst the thicketing forest of sound. Modulating synth beams glowering below, a deep bubbling, the untameable core of, whipping past leaves and crunching soil as you walk further into it, vocal samples yelping out of the neardistance hopeful representation of familiarity within the bristling trees and what they hide yet how strange they sound; the final vocal sung "I've been thinking about feeling something… every time I try, I feel nothing…" The simple longing for a connection whilst encased in chaos, looking from the outside into something better, how to break the barrier.

  • πŸ”” 'glass' is the third single to be taken from mossy's upcoming debut EP. More will follow so keep an eye out.
  • πŸ”” You can download 'glass' from Toneden if you like.

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