Tuesday 4 July 2017


The pace of this one, wow, listen to it zoom along, the pace of it, the skirling skitter of the drums, the frenetic pace of it, the satisfying metallic crash and scurry ding-shkr-shkr-shfshfsh-shkr the sword from the sheath sharpness of the hi-hats bounding along with lightning steroid bounce, ultra-jazz, twitchy, the drumkit equivalent of popping candy with the raw fizz of the snare alternating with the pecuniary metals and the hearty thud of the kick. Supra-drum-and-bass intensity. With this Tokyo music entity She Talks Silence mixes a mantra of viscous liquid guitar, collage snaps of plucked bass, layered over each other in a dark refraining tract of atonality. 'Sorry, I Am Not' is this rattling beat, these unrecognisable patterns of notes.

Throughout the careful leftfield punk of this track vocals add a spooky threatening element to the speed of the drums and the off-kilter glitter of the guitar sounds, words sumptuously chewed as they are sung, whispered and caressed as they slow dance into the bristling thicket of percussion that drives this track along. Surprise element when a lo-fi guitar chord jangle kicks off a segment of the track that features moderate bass acrobatics and a turnabout of vocals and a more jogging-pace beat to go with the jangle, the tones colourful, sunny, but with whips of guitar distortion we find ourselves again in the storm and stress of the sprinting drums from before, the ghostly vocals whispering words in your ear once again.

  • πŸ”” It is the opening and title track of Sorry, I Am Not, the new She Talks Silence album released today (5th July) via Shibuya-based record label AWDR/LR2, in association with similarly located label/mgmt/distro entity SPACE SHOWER MUSIC.
  • πŸ”” The brilliantly conceived abstract video for 'Sorry, I Am Not' – a frenetic flurry of feathers as well as transparent overlays that fits the zippy beat and lo-fi indie quality of the track – was created by Minami Yamaguchi aka the person behind She Talks Silence.

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