Tuesday 4 July 2017


Into a world that seems far from our own, a world of swirling intoxicating fog and mists of multicolour dust, a hazy rainbow, slow-dance smoke machine sensibilities as the morsel of music moves along andante, the sashay of the bulging bass bloop and popping drum machine thud of the kicks and snares, a creeping walking pace, a poised-to-pounce looming approach, the click of heels on a marble floor, a cyberpunk sky clouded over outside, retro-futurism propelling into your brain. A world far from our own for sure, that's what Mei Wong aka Singaporean musicmaker The Analog Girl paints with the sparkling-abrasive glitter of 'More Than You Know'.

Glassy synth arpeggio melody gives off a touch of upscale fragility, something digital and cutting-edge but with a decidedly retro air of obsolescence; a more piercing sound than this lances over the top, doused in reverb and resounding into the cold quiet patches of the track, sharp and needling, lo-fi glimmer like television static in pastel and neon; towards the end a more robust flavour of synth comes into view, thick saw-wave. And then you have The Analog Girl's voice, a collection of whispers, clusters of slow threatening vocals, whooshing and distorted, simultaneously organic and glitch-laden, harsh yet floating, the reflective representative human voice to this dreampop noise, this aesthetic dystopia of sound.

  • πŸ”” 'More Than You Know' is taken from The Analog Girl's recently released album Golden Sugar Crystals, available for purchase via download on Bandcamp.
  • πŸ”” The abstract video for this track was created by digital fashion artist Laura E Shepherd LS528 (formerly known by her glove line Glovedup Gloves). "Her fashion animations were more than fashion" says The Analog Girl; "they carried a sense of mystery, intrigue and pop artfulness. One look and I knew I had to feature them on my music video."

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