Wednesday 5 July 2017


A sense of tropical wells up in this one, of the light from an afternoon sun exploded and sparkling on the thousand cresting waves of the sea, palm fronds shifting in the breeze, sand like sifted flour—or is it as idyllic as you first imagine? It begins paradisical, a nebula of unwavering brightness with glockenspiel chimes, a raincloud of percussion drifting by popping organic bongo taps, shakers, more piercing glistening textured waves. Seattle producers Shelf Nunny and Rain team up for this one, aptly named 'Precipice', the heady heavenly haze of adrenaline whirls around, blood beating in ears, a sampled police siren distant and dusty like wailing static behind it all, framing the situation with an urban gilt.

A steady heartbeat of drums thumps along, the kicks pulsing, the snare a layered tract of variegated percussion that clacks sumptuously, steely sharp hi-hats shuffle-shaking with metallic shiver, the track practically living-and-breathing as subtle dynamic changes overcome the ornamental ambience of the track with breaks in the beat. The steady measured breaths of the moments before sudden drama. Standing on a ledge overlooking the street-level abyss below. A storm of breakbeats tumbles madly kinetic into earshot. Falling—no, pulling you in: a metaphysical suicide. The dips in sound as wind rushes past. The sub-bass booms a black hole tug on your heart. A mind falls through the pavement, sirens shimmy somewhere in the distance. Slivers of peace glimmer nearby.

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