Monday 23 July 2012


They're back. Tame Impala are back - and how glad am I they are! Their wonderful, psychedelic Beatles-aping album Innerspeaker pretty much blew my fragile little mind and opened it up to the possibilities of some boys from Australia bringing the sound of the sixties to the 21st century in an intense tableau of guitar licks as wide as the outback and as beautiful as the sea combined with garden shed drum virtuosity dirty fuzzy strongman bass and vocals coming from the very ghost of the Summer of Love itself.

So naturally when I saw that their new album, Lonerism, would be flying off the shelves 8th October in the UK, I got pretty excited. How excited? I can't tell you. Excited enough I guess. And when I heard their new song 'Apocalypse Dreams' I was even more excited. Why? Because they've kept that self-same energy that dominated and swept over previous outing Innerspeaker like a platinum tide of sun and ecstasy (n.b. feeling not drug). Have a listen:

It's a good thing this song is available for a free download because it is such a good song. It's a rich, luscious sound that still drips with all the psychedelic intensity of a bus ride through a desert under a deliciously empty blue sky. It's still very Beatles-esque, but it really isn't a bad thing: it's a brilliant thing.

At the 2:59 mark the song cuts off like a tape turning over and launches into wave after wave of flanging guitar madness in a glorious soundscape of chill. I don't know whose idea that was but it's a great bit of dynamism from a band who knows dynamism inside out. In all its effect-laden beauty, this song stands out as something that'll be floating around this summer like an electromagnetic wave of joy as a hot sun rolls around the land like a giant weeble. Everything about this song is perfect perfect perfect.

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