Tuesday 3 July 2012


Watch that. And tell me it's not cool.

Granted, the video isn't original (it's actually a short film called C'était un rendez-vous by Claude Lelouch), but it fits this brutal electro house song so very well. It might as well be the original. Like when Jimi Hendrix covered All Along The Watchtower and Bob Dylan said "yeah, ok, it's basically your song now" - same with this video. Gentlemen Drivers have done it better.

Hailing from Paris, this duo have described themselves as having an American imagination with a French sauce. And you can hear it. There's that big bold Parisian sound with a bit of American euphoric techno thrown into the mix. This particular song is quite old, but it's amazing. The dark, Dracula-at-the-organ-like synthesisers join us at the beginning of the journey and accompany us all the way to the end of the song. Soon the beat drops in, the kick perfect with one ounce hammering treble, 50 ounces full and meaty. The little drops where some modulating, low-attack synth chords are perfect too, providing a bit of respite from the atonal medley of fluttering synth that is always present.

Great song. Shame I got on it so late. Looking forward to hearing more.

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