Monday 30 July 2012


This stunning remix comes straight from the mind of Cyril Hahn, a Swiss-born Canadian producer. It's an unexpected reworking of the absolute tune that is 'Say My Name' by Destiny's Child, and it's been done very, very well.

Starting with some mellow organ-type synths that set the mood for a decidedly chilled, summery vibe, Cyril Hahn goes on to create huge atmosphere in the song - namely with his fabulously sparse deployment of the "Say my name..." sample (which he had doctored with a lower, more masculine pitch), creating a superbly energetic build-up. When all the vocals from the chorus of the original song kick in towards the end of the song, it's like you've been waiting an age for them and it's such a joy to hear them all echoing out from the song like a beautiful boulder of nostalgia.

Everything about this remix is well-done and joyously positive, as if the solemnity of a true carefree attitude had made its way into your very heart and became the beat you danced to on the sand, in the sea, in the sky. It's wonderful.

What's more, you can download it here:

Isn't that great? I'd download it before some kind of limit is reached.

And if you liked that I really really recommend listening to the similar treatment he gives Mariah Carey's seminal 'Touch My Body'.

EDIT 18/04/2019: There is no download anymore. It's not even on SoundCloud.

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