Tuesday 24 July 2012


It's funny that Annie Mac has shared this wonderful song by French producer Para One, aka Jean-Baptiste de Laubier, because it was last night on Annie Mac's show that I first heard some music by the man himself. There he is, on the right, with the glasses.

That particular song was called 'When The Night' and features vocals from an enigmatic singer known only as Jaw, about whom I can find absolutely nothing written. Does anybody know who this guy is? Who is Jaw? What is Jaw? Is it possible to ever truly know Jaw?

Either way, he's done a veritable number on Para One's track. 'When The Night' is a blissful glitchfest of electro house interweaved with heady doses of life-affirming funk and soul. Favourite lyric: My name is Whatever... My name is Whatever +1. Great stuff. It sounds like a James Brown / Mr Oizo hybrid. Listen below.

It's full of summery vibes and that's what we like. Especially with the sun finally back from the menders and working properly, it's time this song was pouring out from car windows like both flavours of Slush Puppy and onto the roads and pavements where everyone would swim in it like fish-turned-human-turned-fish-again.

The song of this post, however, is a little different. Called 'You', it's quite different to 'When The Night', and in fact is just a little taster of how juicily versatile Para One's new album Passion really is. There's definitely an element of garage here, namely in the beat, which creates the foundation for the entire song: fast-paced, euphoric, urban, and completely electro'd to the max. That garage beat is the song's hook, really, and something that is currently making me listen to it a million times in a row. The vocal samples are fun, offbeat and funky, mixing with the frenetic synths whizzing around as if the track were really a boiling pot of joyful dancing molecular structures. Or little atoms at a party.

Wonderful. You can download the track now. I know you want to.

But I've also found the video. It was directed by a couple of members of Club Cheval (Panteros666 and Myd, to be exact), a Parisian quartet of electro fun who are pretty big at the moment - or in other words, le groupe parisien en plein boom actuellement. Enjoy!

Para One - You by paraone

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