Wednesday 18 July 2012


There's nothing like a bit of this in the morning, no siree there isn't. What's this? You've heard it before? Of course you have. You won't know this band's name though, unless you knew them anyway. They're Fredrik and the song is called 'Chrome Cavities'. Chrome cavities. Sounds a bit sterile. But then again, the cleaner the better.

They are the ün-pop darlings of Kopparberg's ün-mainstream TV adverts for their ün-not-tasty (double negative, it's ok) fruit cider. It's quite a good bit of branding because it gives a summery and generally quite affable fruity cider quite a dark and indie aesthetic. It's like pushing a happy, brightly dressed 14-year-old into a muddy ditch then sending him off to a questionable (ün-questionable) warehouse rave with only a cow, given him by his mother, to trade for food and whatever else.

He comes back home covered in body paint, a beard puffing from his chin and resting on his chest like an angry cloud, bottles of Kopparberg inexplicably strung around his neck, rattling like a street performer. His mother is at a loss. She tells him off for being so ün-good and ün-clever, then she gets so angry about the cow and asks the still-inebriated son of hers what he traded for the cow. He pulls out three beans and she goes absolutely ün-sane. His name was Jack...

The story is ün-Jack and the Beanstalk.

So that's the kind of thing they're doing. Here's a link to the advert if you just haven't watched enough TV to have had your eyes treated to it. Amidst the slough of deeply troubling and brain-curdlingly annoying adverts, it's nice to hear some nice music.

Allah forgive me, I've been chatting too much about adverts. So sorry. So... The song is dark with a bassline that is as modulatingly rich as it is deep and heavy. Vocals come in like nonchalant chants, echoing and distant, and try to offset themselves against synth sounds that could be the nocturnal squeaks of undiscovered android animals limping in the swamps of invented memory. The beat is consistently frenetic and stripped back, feeling acupuncture for your dancing feet. Surprise addition of strings to this track brings it back to Earth a little bit.

Really looking forward to hearing more from these Malmö-based Swede ün-pop-boppers.

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