Sunday 22 July 2012


It was this time a year ago that I was first listening to the Swiss electro-house producer Mess Me. A year ago. Yep, I wrote about his track, 'Lightless'. But now he's got this new track that he added on SoundCloud yesterday and it's pretty fabulous, I've gotta say. He posted a link to it on his Facebook page in fact, along with the warning/disclaimer/carrot-on-a-string: only for '80 synth lovers ♥

Quite promising, no?

It would mark a massive change in his sound. What I heard last year was hardcore electro house, lots of fuzz and buzz and grinding, distorted synth tearing into my brain. It was great. But now he seems to have taken up the mantle of an 80s reviver (like College, Gentleman Drivers, Kavinsky, etc) and gone to town with his new found retroness.

The song is called 'Call' and is full of heavy, electro house energy - the thumping thud of the drum tracks and a saw wave, ongoing bassline that undercuts everything make that pretty clear. But there is the addition of some complex synth arpeggios, as high-pitched as they are hollow and clear. Listen below.

Great isn't it? There's a certain Balearic euphoria to this, I think. I found this in the beat that sped up before a drop and also in the general simplicity of that electro house foundation - the notes he had chosen, well, perhaps I'd heard them a lot before in a lot of party, summer music. And that's basically what this is: it's party, summer music. The sun's actually shining in England today. I'm going to listen to this song again and jump around whilst I make some coffee.

Oh, this is a FREE DOWNLOAD by the way.


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