Tuesday 24 July 2012


Anyone who's anyone has heard at least one song from SBTRKT's 2011 self-titled debut album. Those selfsame people probably loved that song.

It was probably 'Wildfire'.

Nothing wrong with that. Great song. Great album. Now we can see that, thanks to a new track released yesterday, that it's completely consistent.

The release of this great new track is SoundCloud-only, as far as I know or just for the moment. Either way that doesn't detract (or subtract, ha ha) away from the fact that the song, titled 'Gloss', is pure gold. It's a real El Dorado of sound. It's very different what SBTRKT, real name Aaron Jerome (but who cares? As he says, "let the music speak for itself"), has put out before. It's purely instrumental, for starters, and that marks quite a big difference to the self-titled album in that most if not all the tracks feature vocals. But please correct me if I'm wrong.

Instrumental is a good way to go. Lack of vocals = no what-does-this-song-mean pretension. Gives you time to focus on the sound of the actual song. And this is what SBTRKT does with seeming effortlessness and a clear, pure joy for the creation of sounds.

It's wonderful. Sounds a bit like Gold Panda, but then it doesn't. That deep, melodic sub-bass rumbling throughout is something that I think is quite recognizable. But then again, what do I know? The song just sounds brilliant. The beat with all its schizoid snare and screeching distorted synths like alien cicadas aching in a sharp and vivid night etched with equatorial heat against pulses from synth pads as mellow as they are a warm breeze flowing through the whole thing. It's beautiful. Glitch house ambient.

One comment on SoundCloud said that it "feels like swimming over clouds". Couldn't agree more. It's all about the music.

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