Tuesday 17 July 2012


Wow. Argh. Waa! Yes: noises. Or loud noises. Depends on the situation.

As inexplicable as they are incomprehensible, these noises quite aptly describe how I feel when listening to this wondrous Azari & III (pronounced "Azari and Third") track. I'm listening to it right now for the four-hundred-and-fortieth time and I ain't one bit sick of it. In fact I can't stop listening to it and I'm quite worried. I'm anxious that I won't be able to stop, ever. It's just... can't resist... too... much... vibe...! Gah!

The song comes from their self-titled album of earlier this year and is called 'Into The Night'. It's a four to the floor, housey, beautiful, midnight-magic kind of 80s dance sonic psalm of the retro-future. It is absolutely full of energy and like ingesting a battery, if you were battery powered; I love it, everything from its sultry, soft toffee synths to its disco platform vocals.

Listen to it yourself, yo. So many vibe.

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