Wednesday 25 July 2012


I have found out who Jaw is.

If you read my post covering Para One yesterday, you will know that I was agonising over who did the vocals for the wonderful song 'When The Night'. We knew the name, Jaw, but we knew nothing else. It was a mystery. A big old mystery.

But then I got a tweet from Teki Latex, a Paris-based electro/hip-hop artist, who told me that Jaw is part of a group called dOP.

That's them, just in the top right of this post. You can see that they are "a dynamic trio of musicians, combining live instruments, vocals and electronics as if it was the simplest thing in the world" (thanks, EB). Or maybe you can't see that. But they just are.

So in the spirit of finding new music to enjoy, and without further ado, here is my chosen song from their SoundCloud, called 'The Hype'. With its stand-out mean-ass beat that exudes pure bass and modified vocals from who I can only assume is this mysterious Jaw, the track is well-tuned in the direction of being one thing: a deep-house treasure trove.

It's intense and heavy, kind of like carrying a cloud full of rain that keeps thundering and flashing like a crazy storm across a field that is not a field at all but a dancefloor with multicoloured glowing tiles. And in fact it may be like the kind of heavy when you carry a watermelon like Baby in Dirty Dancing.

And I really have to share another song. It's called 'Talk Show' and it goes a little something like this...

It's like film noir meets jazz and they start tangoing around a room filled with smoke that smells of pure dance sensibilities. This is where the skill as instrumentalists come in. It's sometimes not just about being able to manipulate sound via analogue or digital means. Sometimes it's about playing some instruments and bringing a super retro sound to what is really a modern world. It's a playground of real sounds that slide easily into the ear like a person going down a water slide into a filled with brilliant turquoise water. That easily.

Looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

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Here's dOP's SoundCloud for more rambunctious sounds
Here they are on Facebook
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