Wednesday 1 October 2014


The shifting & shuffling night-drive R&B of London-based Pale's recent track 'Silence' is beautiful; synth chords drenched in chorus seem to laser through ur mind with pulsar hypnotism riding the plasma length of each resounding blast; minimalist guitar reverbs with cold sharp twangs of introverted sound; vocals, smooth and wracked with heartfelt longing — for what? Silence? Who knows.

This has now been acquired by Filipino musicmaker Eyedress for a suitably hazy remix. This guy, whose alias is a phonetic rendition for all those who would mispronounce his actual name: Idris (Vicuña), is well known for his powerful, ghost-flavoured originals and remixes alike. And in the same vein as his past efforts, 'Silence' becomes a different beast.

Soaked with off-kilter sweeps of wobbling, grinding synth, the track is set adrift a turbulent undercurrent of clap collections, urgent hi-hats and syncopated snares, beset with an occasional near-supersonic scream whirling about like some nightmare flying insect that's like a horrifically sized cranefly but with a death-coloured human head and long flowing greasy hair. The vocals are now stretched from their original pitch, wrenched through the nocturnal sludge of Eyedress's witchy sound for an unsettling decoration atop this subtly stormy sound.

  • The original 'Silence' is taken from Pale's recent The Comeback EP, a four-song showcase of downtempo beauty seasoned with R&B lilts. You'll like it, probably.

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