Thursday 2 October 2014


Woo. Here is some new music from a guy called Hosh'ki Tsunoda, a Japanese producer currently making music in Costa Mesa, California. Oh yeah his musicmaking name is Liquid Sunshine, and the music he makes is prettttttty close to this moniker: liquid shots of actual sun, blended up (blent up?) UV, drinking the sun and all the confusing physics and superheat that goes along with it. Complicated space stuff, y'knoooowww. He actually does describe himself as a "Cosmic beat maker" so…

Annnnyway, his new track is called 'Be Nice' (good message) and it's a mixture of understated, sweaty euphoria and wobbly, wonk-laden hip hop, using shoegazing phasers and a whole host of other FX to paint a multi-flavoured soup of rising/falling swirling synth, grinding bloops, seesawing squeals, dappled light glittering and beachside breezes on the melted façade of a hot afternoon.

All the while kicks sub-boom their slow way along, texturised claps like slapping gravel-filled puddles of water, dynamic build-ups with steady loudening snare rolls, bursting with low-key energy. Crackles and tropical percussion whisper in the quieter moments, just one of many layers of this richly bustling track.

This arrives as the first single from Tsunoda's upcoming EP (dunno what it's called yet, sorry), out 15th October, courtesy of internationalist netlabel, Rootnote Collective, arriving as the first volume – Vol 1.0 – in their The Rooted Arts series, an "exclusive SoundCloud project" aiming to showcase music from a wide range of artists, stemming from a weariness of the current "homogenization of a singular sound." Go for it, I say!

  • Please (if u liked this stuff) go have a listen to his other two EPs, his debut, liquid.sunset, off the back of which performing at Shibuya-based online venue, 2.5D, and the slightly more recent Voices EP.

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