Monday 20 October 2014


From the first organic twinklings of this track, it's a joy to listen to from start to finish, and marks a slightly harder sound for its creator, the one who remixed 'Come Down Softly' rather, London musicmaker et aliae. The kicks, locked into syncopation with the smart synth chords, seem to thud with more rumbling punch than they ever have done, yet she retains the sense she brings to all her songs, that of floating in a known unknown, a substantial cloud of nothingness travelling down glossy new waterslides in the slacker capacity of ride tester; you don't have to queue for this shit, it's instantly accessible.

The original track by Brooklyn band Lemonade (who can now count et aliae as a labelmate; this remix marks her induction to supernice label CASCINE) is a reverbing wash of sound with an oceanic feel, one that et aliae has channeled into fluid streams and angularly winding rivulets through her use jazz-flavoured chords and more legible beats than feature in the original, abounding with virtuosic hi-hats and tropically lilting shakers, and retaining the phantomic reverbing of the original's vocals.

I guess this is it. A very nice remix of a tasty song, which has helped to illustrate the power of internet music: even without pretence, it WILL BE and HAS BEEN noticed.

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