Thursday 25 September 2014


Please allow me to introduce Local Disk (C:) – a musicmaker from Manila, the Philippines, and part of his friend Ulzzang Pistol's collective, Youngliquidgang. I was first acquainted with his music when Zeon (that's Ulzzang Pistol) shared a guest mix for YES/NO, a representation and showcase of his collective's artists, including a track called 'Event Horizon' from Local Disk (C:). I really like typing Local Disk (C:) so I'm gonna write it fully every time.

His latest track 'Error' is a step above that one though. And in fact, his track before this, the soundtrack-to-a-crisis of 'CommandPrompt', was also a step above that one. Both of these things mean one thing: that he is developing, improving, as an artist. Anyway here is 'Error' – it sounds like this…

It's lush and expansive, a floating medley of phasing synth chords, subtle slap bass, euphoric anime-soundtrack-style strings and a lounge style beat, complete with rim shots, gloriously off-rhythm hi-hats, rapid kick flourishes – a fog of longlost memory seasoned with the joy of remembrance. It doesn't do what you expect it to do; from those first few touches of piano it takes a different direction, ending up gorgeously ornamented with a long, rich and vibrant synth solo. It's like chillwave with jazz-pop and trap / R&B influences, too… but y'know everything's always difficult to pin down, especially when it's such a medley of sounds as this.

Certainly my favourite track from Local Disk (C:) so far – but he keeps getting better, and also his previous work sounds a little different to this (in general), so I'm excited to hear what's gonna be next.

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