Wednesday 29 October 2014


What attracted me to this song? It is at once warm and welcoming, effusing charm with endearing itself with the soft, playful sounds of its synth.

Who is it by? It is by Seymoore, a person with a few followers on SoundCloud, and I just assume they make music. What is it called? 'Ramen'. And no, I don't just like it because of the concept of ramen – and no, I am not hungry.

However, I often do this thing, and I'm sure a zillion others do as well, where I listen to a song with its title in mind. Maybe this track kind of sounds like ramen – soupy and full of steaming flavourful notes, with understated clicking beats the gentle sounds of spoon and chopsticks as the bowl is gradually emptied of its delicious sea of delicacy.

I like the hi-hat pattern, its constant tick with the open hi-hat sound seeming random with its gem-like glisten. I like the wibbly synth, feels like improvised flute – certainly like actual noodles themselves, upheld with warm chords, chopped like samples (unless they are actually samples); I definitely like the dynamic pauses throughout the whole track, like pauses to have a glass of water with your food, or say something to somebody eating with you (like, uh, "this is so tasty" – "can i finish your food please" etc.), or otherwise just pause to think about how great life is.

0:30 – the synth goes "woo-oo" like a flailing noodle.

I truly dig the blissful chill of this. It contains within it the blissful warmth of eating food, especially your favourite food. It feels homely, kind, personable. Who are you, Seymoore? What are you doing right now? Are you eating ramen?

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