Monday 27 October 2014


The way Jacob 2-2 makes music creates a good listening environment; it seems architecturally led, constructed with slabs of robust building materials and decorated with the synth equivalent of glitter to ornament his sometimes towering, sometimes sprawling, winding, tunnelling, labyrinthine edifices. These are not gothic structures however, nor Edwardian or art-fucking-deco or harsh brutalism; in fact, it might be better to say that his music – a mix of hip-hop patterns and glitching noises childhood-memory-summoning – is more of a collage.

And it has never been more of a collage than with the opener on his new EP, The Rec, called 'Save Miracles'. This is a dadaist collage, a plasticine stir-fry, funky fragments weaving in and out of mist left by resonant cold cosmic chords, squelchy bass breakdancing as the beat skiffles in flourishing waves of virtuosity; chopped chunks of sound rapid-fire like kaleidoscopic stills flashing in front of your eyes; its interior is splashed with biomechanical groove, funk flavours written in abstractions on the walls, but otherwise it is another Jacob 2-2 construction with its odyssey of chords feeling like empty oddities, a yellow brick road leading to blank nostalgias, roughly sketched by its creator for you. This is not your nostalgia it is a manifestation of collective recollection.


  • Like I said this comes fresh from J2-2's The Rec EP, which is actually aptly described as "late-night lock-in gymnasium funk" – which is about right. You should check it out.
  • Oh and this comes fairly soon after his album, Herbivore, to which I gave a massive thumbs-up, awesome-out-of-awesome. If those were homely, bedtime sounds, The Rec effuses a slightly more adolescent attitude.
  • He made a rrrrrrreally cool mix called Abiogenesis for YES/NO, a blender full of jazz, hip hop, electro, prog rock. Really do check it out when you got time.

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