Saturday 11 October 2014


Hmmm, I can't think of a song recently that's had such overt classical influences as this one seems to have had. Mmm… nope. Can't think of one. Anyway. This is a track by Doujinshi (or dōjinshi, meaning self-published stuff like zines and comics – music in this case, I guess), whom I first became aware of thanks to, well, I can't remember actually, soz.

Since then I've been, like, lazy, oblivious, otherwise engaged, and for some reason or another have never gotten around to giving Doujinshi a little feature here. Well, the time has come. That day has arrived. And as such, here's a really great new track from the producer called 'lalala~' (TextEdit just corrected that to 'llama~').

You hear the classical influence? Yes, it sounds very much like Baroque composer Pachelbel's most famous, uh, "piece" Canon in D Major. It's kind of not though. But it is super relaxing and soft-edged, these harmonious sweeps of feather-touch pliable synths. Claps reverb out into this gentle space, followed by the virtuosic kicks and gattling hi-hats of the beat, the foundation for this gorgeous track.

The vocal sample here has a lot to answer for. It's like, so addictive. I think its relatively slow rhythm against the carnivalistic trap regularity of the beat has something to do with it; the tone of the voice is great, too; also don't forget the virtuosic pitch-shifting by Doujinshi at work here. And when the actual "laaa laaa laaa…" comes in, layered on top of existing vocals, it's another level of pure joy. And it all slows towards the finish, a subtle dynamic that brings the track to a tidy, natural ending.

As often happens I spent literally ages looking for the source of this friendly and inexplicably captivating vocal sample. Thankfully, as doesn't always happen, I found that it was from a song called 'Nijiiro' ("rainbow-coloured") by Ayaka – a stripped-back piece of fun, chilled & breezy J-pop released earlier this year.

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