Tuesday 29 August 2017


Hue is sat in the middle of Vietnam between Hanoi in the north and Saigon right down in the South. Once home to the royal city it is famed for its historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A strange combination of everyday life infused with the tourist draw of the citadel and the old royal tombs means the food on offer in town is very local—on the evening we arrived we tucked in to a simple dinner served in a family's living room. But strangely, alongside these uncomplicated home-cooked offerings, are new sparkly businesses with trendy Insta-worthy themes. It is through this mix of homely meals and modern munchies that we were able to see Hue as a city that is more than a place with a site to see: as a city that is evolving and learning with the tourism and the opportunities it brings.

In ten years Hue will be a whole lot different to the city we saw with crumbling pavements and dusty roads, but, for now, take a look and salivate at the Things That Are Tasty and see the foodular depths of a city that has more to offer than its past.

🍴Lick n Bite
Gelato-lovers and sweet-toothed seekers should hone on in this place immediately. We arrived in Hue on a Friday evening and this trendy ice cream parlour was packed inside and out with a vibey local youth scene. Thinking there must be something tasty to it, we sauntered in to Lick n Bite on a quiet afternoon. Treats lay in store.

Homemade gelato on a stick in dozens of flavours. We selected sticks of our favourite flavours (passionfruit; mint), and watched them get dipped and patterned with chocolate and presented to us in a cardboard tray. More sweet toppings can be added for a little more money but the pure stylish design fresh with punchy flavour were enough for us.

🍴Family Home Restaurant
A small, rustic restaurant run by a enormously sweet family. The kind ladies from different generations serve simple dishes out of their family kitchen while guests sit at tables in a comfortably decorated front room. The prices are very reasonable and the food is tasty and easy, great for breakfast lunch or dinner. We left our phone at the restaurant overnight by accident and they had it ready and waiting for us the next day and greeted us with huge smiles when we stopped by.

We especially loved the grandma who was very happy to chat with us even though we didn't share a common language.

🍴Cafe on Thu Wheels
Another family run cafe along the same lane as Family Home Restaurant, this one has scrawls form previous travellers all over the walls, as is common in backpacking destinations.

More tasty servings of simple, homely Vietnamese food for a good price and their coffee hit the spot too. Thu also offers tours and tickets with good reviews from past diners. One of the owners' sons politely asked us for help with his English homework sheet which we happily sat and went through with him. A cafe with a really good feel.

🍴Lien Hoa Vegetarian Restaurant
Oh this really was a thing that was tasty. A place where tourists and locals enjoy food alongside each other in an inside-outside setting. The price is really cheap so you are able order a few different dishes and try out some new things. The crispy jackfruit was delightful as was the fried banana flower.

All of the other diners seemed to be digging into hotpots, which maybe is a sign of this particular dish being heartily recommended. Even though the restaurant was packed with customers the owners were friendly and our waiter was funny, rushing around and skidding on his heels. No beer served, but that's ok.

🍴 Nhà Hàng Cơm Chay
A quiet outdoors vegetarian eatery near to the river with a chilled atmosphere. When we ate dinner here people were sat quietly at tables that were scattered across the grassy grounds. Again, we ordered quite a few dishes to share here but with a beer this time.

We tried jackfruit here, too, but the other vegetarian restaurant’s was our favourite. Everything we ate here was tasty though, for instance that pumpkin, so we can’t really fault it.

🍴Ancient Town Restaurant
Ahh, a beer by the river. Similar in feel to a Southbank bar next to the Thames, we were right at home here. Watch marketgoers, tourists, wanderers stroll by, and enjoy the music flowing from further down the walkway.


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