Friday 4 August 2017


The energy! The incredible energy of this dense dynamo, the fizzling vibrating kineticism of it, the warped vortex devouring you as you listen, compressing your carbon self and in the immensity of it you become a tiny, tiny diamond. Some music feels like it washes you clean, others like this one have a great intensity about them that simply engulfs with its energy, which has appeared at this present moment as a voracious appetite for human souls. Aptly enough this track bears the title 'Existence Problem', and in the different elements swirling around – the plinking toybox keys, the dissonant collage of clacking percussive sounds, the warm slow-attack hoovering synth staccato – the problems of existence indeed are defined by their confounding multiplicity.


Norwegian producer Marius Elfsted, simply Marius, ushers us into this multicoloured existential crisis, at first with these light chords, cute and childlike plinking, easing us in like a sparkly surfaced warm rockpool of sound with its mini starfish and anemones and little scuttly crabs, popcorn beats bubbling along and foaming fizzy—and then in an exploded abstraction of future bass formula we get this drop like a tidal wave, a low ghost-in-the-machine voice like an inner monologue humming a carefree tune to distract from the bullet hell of percussion raining down, the squeak of hi-pitch shoes-on-basketball-court adding a startle of electricity alongside the muffled warmth of that gruff digitised vox, splendid incoherency in its Dadaist collage of cartoon sound effects. This wave of intricacy crashes crashes crashes and in it is the glory of motion and sound and the hundred-thoughts-a-second madness of the mind.

  • πŸ”” 'Existence Problem' is out now via Brussels-based Pelican Fly Records (the people who brought you Cashmere Cat, Lido and other well known electronic artists). It's taken from a debut EP that will be arriving on 15th September.

Marius Internet Presence ☟

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