Friday 11 August 2017


Washes of warm soothing synth roll gently over your mind, a sense of space gracefully opening up with the tide-like flowing and ebbing of those gentle chords, a cradle of calm that lulls you into a spell of somnolence. Created by Mexican artist Carlosh Garzat, this soul-melting track is a remix of an original much more conventional track that he released earlier this year: "The lyrics talk about submission in love, about emotions being fluid and sometimes changing too fast," he tells us, "as well as the fear of drowning in those emotions but wanting to experiment them nevertheless." However in this new version of 'Submerge', there is a feeling of vastness, a sense of acceptance in the waves of sound that aim to chill and placate, and it all came from a chance encounter with a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.

"I was advised to have a couple of sessions," Carlosh explains. "It's used mainly for scuba divers and for relaxation purposes and anxiety in which pure oxygen is provided inside a chamber under reduced atmospheric pressure." Equal parts therapeutic and somewhat disturbing, the sessions inspired this new enlightened and awakened form of 'Submerge', where the vocals appear and float before your eyes, refraining like a mantra in the cloud of sound, the lightly clinical minimalism augmented by sparse pristine percussion snapping occasionally. In this new vessel, an almost uterine experience, the song is relaxing yet troubled by these words, almost like an interior monologue, yet in the serene vastness of it the power and immediacy of anxiety and doubt and negative emotions are lessened, reduced to what Carlosh calls "an impending fear."

  • 🔔 The 'Hyperbaric Oxygen Mix' is out as a single today (11th August) alongside the original mix of 'Submerge'.
  • 🔔 The original 'Submerge' is taken from Carlosh Garzat's Agoraphobic EP, released earlier this year. Feel free to purchase it via iTunes if you want.

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