Thursday 3 August 2017


That constant flicker like the screen of a terminal or the flashing buttons and lights of a spacecraft bridge, the glimmering tiny computerised sounds of it providing the perfect cold and distant backdrop to this track, it plugs you firmly into the digital realm, a sleek world of glass and metal and circuitry and the chilly unhuman reception of simulated inorganic beings. These starry trills and glistening drizzlings of high frequency bleeps warble throughout, the glitching canopy of it patrolled by prowling rounded swampy gloops of bass and overdriven thumping kicks, bolstered by light rainstick crinkles and the staccato crack of a lo-fi snare, the groovesome beat behind the masterfully textured electronics.

Berlin producer Cord Labuhn builds this artificiality called 'Asap Daddy', sets it up as an airy retro-futuristic interpretation of a boom bap beat, the muffled pummelling beat perforating the frozen hip-hop chillment of the track, its laid-back feel made more whimsical by the addition of organic samples, the vintage crackle shrouding a vocal that thinly creeps out like steam from a sewer, the warm chords of an ancient piano sounding like blood returning to a numbed limb, biological human functions in the midst of cold machinery. This addition manmade sounds to artificial ones is not dystopian however—it is nostalgic, happysad, remembrances made as hands that never touched a piano, never heard the crooners of the 20th century, gesture in the air, bring up archival art of yesteryear.

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