Friday 4 August 2017


To a shuffling march of French touch style rounded meaty drum sounds, we enter into this disembodied club, a cube of strangeness spinning through space like an errant asteroid, an Enterprise of the stars that instead of going where no-one has ever gone before is instead spinning and spinning with this fever dream of dance firmly lodged in its prefrontal cortex. The familiarity of the track, that you know you can dance to it, lies in those sharp thumping kicks, the pugilistic bump of the snare, the thud and tang of it propelling tracts of pinprick starlight glitter and wobbling nebulous string samples across the mysterious expanse, the gloopy groovesome bass and its ascending notes casting a cloak of pioneering exploration over it all.

'Exposure' by sometime remotely conjoined duo Poltraghost lives in this interdimensional zone, a sort of blissful nowhere of its own creation. The alien nature of the track does not come from these regular elements – these tried-and-true tropes of 4/4 kick-snare electronic music: a regular foundation – but mostly from the pitch-shifted vocal that with a silken rumbling tone delineates something unintelligible, resonating richly into the stripped-back rhythmic body-pop space of the track. Theremin sounds call out into the universe searching for the right frequency on which to communicate; synth lead plays out airy and plasma, breezy blasts that colour the solidity of this track with modulating digitised lonely washes, the futurism of it feeling fleeting and ephemeral as it drifts fatefully through starfields and constellations.

  • 🔔 'Exposure' is taken from Poltraghost's debut album, Nineties Business Woman. This can be acquired digitally via the duo's Bandcamp.

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