Friday 20 December 2013


Whilst other music magazines, websites, blogs and whatever say farewell to you as they disappear into the mists of Christmas like fun-loving spirits of Christmasses present, past and future, I am tirelessly – well, actually completely and pretty much always tired – continuing the music-posting struggle. Christmas or no Christmas. However: please do not get the wrong idea and get it into your head that I am some sort of Scrooge who doesn't give a fig for tradition. Cause I a) really like/love Christmas, and b) Tradition is important. So there. I just happen to be able to write about music even as we inch towards the 25th of December without withering into a pool of why-should-I or where's-the-snow.

Anyway, that out of the way, I'd like you to embrace the latest guest mix that has been lovingly created for YES/NO. This one is the fifth in the current series (if there is another series— hmm, well I'll let you know) and it comes from Australian producer, DCUP, aka Duncan MacLennan. Mr MacLennan was kind enough to answer some questions for an interview earlier this week, and now he's contributed this lovely guest mix – what a guy! I'm also very envious of the probably-quite-warm Christmas he'll be having in Australia. Never experienced that; it would be interesting I gotta say.

His mix is an entirely smooth mix of warm house and funky disco that displays one of DCUP's most impassioned loves of music, "that 'hook' that everyone talks about. I'm obsessed with that piece of a song that you sing in the shower, or in your head." That's embellished by a "love of huge bass and beat," as pretty much every song in his mix displays, including his own track 'Magic', fun track – 'Imperfection' – from Welsh duo Bodhi, and the big tune of Amine Edge & DANCE's track 'Lost'. ENJOY/Merry Christmas.

01. Dave Hollister - Keep Lovin' You (Kartell Edit)
02. Den Ishu & Noah - Put Ur Hands
03. Amerie - 1 Thing (Cherokee Remix)
04. Only Children - Down Fever (DCUP edit)
05. DCUP - Magic
06. Samir Maslo - I'm In Love With You
06b. Warren G & Nate Dogg - Regulate (acapella)
07. O&A - Basement Beats
08. Bodhi - Imperfection
09. Andhim - Boy Boy Boy
10. TCTS - Do It Alright
11. FormatB - Magic Button
12. Amine Edge and Dance - Lost
13. Kartell - Minimum Move
14. Janet Jackson - Rock With You (Milo Mills Edition)

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