Wednesday 11 December 2013


Why hello! Yes, it's another guest mix. How happy I am! How happy are we all! Rejoicing resounding. Don't you think? Well, every guest mix is – despite perhaps being filled with songs that you may have heard before – a piece of new music, essentially. It's like shuffling a deck of cards: there are infinite, or almost infinite, combinations, as well as different personal touches that each artist adds to a mix. Everything is always different.

This latest one, the fourth that has been lovingly crafted for YES/NO, comes from Brighton producer and DJ, Eone. I stumbled across his dark and subtle breed of techno-glinting house around this time last year, namely in the form of his atmospheric track 'Monochromatic World', subsequently writing about a song from his EP Dispersion called 'Airport Lounge' – my favourite from the release.

First inspired to create music by stealing his brother's Roni Size and Goldie records, Eone – DJ/producer/music teacher and fair-weather skateboarder, Simon Mitchell – went on to be awestruck by his first trip to Fabric, explaining: "[I] just fell in love with the scene. I'd been DJing for a few years and I always knew I'd want to make tracks so when another good friend of mine, Mark Allen (Karm:A Brighton's best guitarist!) installed a copy of Reason on my old PC, I was hooked." And it was as simple as that.

In this mix, he aims to conjure the sights and sounds of his hometown by using various Brighton-related tracks. From the illuminating and tongue-in-cheek diatribe on its somewhat seedy nightlife from Oxfordshire rapper Dr Syntax to the fresh-sounding house and rich electronica of fellow Brighton-dwellers Lorca and Eagles For Hands, the mix moves from UK hip hop through to garage-tinged house at the end, showing a varied scene down in this south coast city. "Brighton has a lot of talent and always has done," Eone told me. "The scene down here is very positive and community-structured and that shows." He also contributes to this scene, along with a group of friends, via the BN1 podcast – a show that aims to showcase and support musical talent in Sussex.

But enough chat! Enjoy the mix! Thank you Mr Eone!

01. Cloud 9 - Hangover Cure
02. Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn - Solid Air Ft. Ceezlin
03. Dr Syntax - Seaside Postcard
04. Written In Waters - Ligeia (MitchWadeCole Bootleg)
05. Eone - Untitled
06. Eagles For Hands - Peaches
07. Murder He Wrote - One Night
08. Lorca - Moments
09. Joonipah - Yellow & Red
10. Tweet - Opps (Jacques Lorenz Remix)

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