Monday 2 December 2013


I'd say something like really generalist here, like "weird is always good" in the hope of sounding super-open-minded and militantly anti-mainstream like some kind of genderless, plasma-based entity that some people think they are, have fantasies of being, or genuinely aspire to be, but weird is not ALWAYS good. Not always, not at all. Some weird is too weird and I can't really stand it. However, such is not the case with this zany track from ceo. Yup, I said "zany" - whatcha gonna do bout it?

Shrouded in mystery, ceo seeps out of the internet and into your ears with absolutely no details on their whereabouts (other than cryptically referring to their location as "In eternity" on their Facebook page) nor their identity; for an artist to be an entity, a thing, a sound, rather than an actual person, feels nicely normal – this I can cope with. At the same time, it adds gallons of intrigue, which is not a bad thing. Especially when the creative output is as intriguing as its source. That's what you get in ceo's 'Whorehouse'.

Oh wait I just googled some things and ceo is a guy called Eric Burglund from now-defunct-but-good-at-the-time duo The Tough Alliance. Intrigue destroyed. Anyway, here's the song.

It's pretty mental. Beginning with menacing bass that sludges into your brain with glistening tinkles and flute sounds, we're soon catapulted into a gaudy world of madness in 2/4 rhythm. Hot pinks and lime greens erupt in waves from the bouncy beat, synths casting neon light along the dark corridor of the verse; the hyper-pop of the chorus with its refrain of "Lost inside a whorehouse" bursts at the seams with a wild fireworks mentality, the atmosphere of a party in the dead-cold of winter. Synth leads blip and plink as fairy light decorations, with random yelps piercing the driving force of the song – add to all this the sample of some child talking in some language every now and again and you have yourself a strange old song indeed.

But it's not too strange. And it's not old. (For me, it conjures Momoiro Island from One Piece). Exhibiting a restrained yet ultra-confident kind of burlesque flamboyance in its style, 'Whorehouse' is literally out today on Modular. It comes from ceo's upcoming album WONDERLAND, out February 4th 2014 also on Modular, and I bet it's gonna be pretty cray.

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