Tuesday 20 June 2017


The slow creep, the gradual rising up, the heavy burden feel becoming lighter, this slow climb upstairs, how luscious it awakens. 'YEARS' is a slow-burn of ascension and progression, of multi-instrumental additions, a cake mix of sounds with more and more tasty things poured in for good measure. We begin with decayed crystalline chords like glassy harps playing downtrodden modulations that seem to warp and shimmer sweeping in a haze of tiredness and surrender, as if these are the final motions to perform for a day: it is returning home after dark, work firmly out of mind but the pull of sleep dragging you down, the numbed feeling of knowing the drudgery starts again tomorrow. It is the theme for the unrelenting office worker, the effected chords tragic but sparkling minutely with satisfaction and comfort.

And here is our ascent. LA-based musicmaker deepsleeper begins to take us away from the dull dimness of the kitchen table, the lonely after-work dinner, and we are imbued with an uplifting sense of carelessness as we move upwards, somewhere beyond the real world. The warming-up-orchestra feel of the singing strings, the rich tones of brass, all of coming together into a densely forested seam of nurturing ambience, low rumbles beneath, the strings shimmering, the brass end-of-the-day tearjerking cheerful, the steady growing howl of it all, the roaring crescendo, the white noise waterfall whoosh, the big drums beating our approach, mindcleansing, bodystopping—the welcome fanfare of sleep and dreaming, our grand reset.

  • 🔔 This is deepsleeper's first single. Credits on this dreamy track are as follows: trombones by Mike Richardson; violins by Steady Holiday; upright by Blake Estrada; drums by Kiel Feher.

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