Wednesday 7 June 2017


As much as this track is an invitation for chill and respite, there is a sense of unknown exotic bristling at its heart. Without a legible groove, beat, refrain, or anything particularly recognisable for most of it, 'Spleen Arrow' by natriums from Louisville, Kentucky, is a continuously shifting beast, its tack continually altered, its spinning narcotic haze in a whirling instant transforming terrain—not satisfied with one world the interplanetary train of thought at work here tethers you to one set of textured sounds and tactile percussion after another. The lonesome disjointed howling digital ghost guitar solo of the beginning, with its indistinct pulsar synths, morphs into nebulous neo-jazz, piano chords resonating, thin sounds veilsome like insectoid chirruping.

And we leave, transitioning from that world of jazz, the touchful pluckings of the bass leftover for the briefest foundation, the cold shif-shif-shif of echoing percussion, and soon we are chilled by delicate chords that ring out lounge-like, images of slow-motion ski-jumping flutter across our imagination, and the temperature drops further, glassy sounds like icicles drip-dropping smooth and frozen and imperfect, a digitised chiming, the gentle descent of snow. 'Spleen Arrow' engages, lulls and agitates in a morsel of music that twins ambient downtempo with doses of jazz-in-circuitry, presenting a permafrost sense of noir.

natriums Internet Presence ☟

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