Wednesday 7 June 2017


Melting into the past and evaporating into the future. 'Ten Thousand Chains' is a track that teeters on a precipice between two worlds. Expansive futuristic synth chords sweep throughout, neon-flavoured and plasma-textured, ladling contemporary retrofuturistic visions into the track as the soulful modulations play out. On the other hand, these early '90s R&B herbs and spices in the sumptuous swing of the beat, the indefatigable groove of it all, the clifftop guitar solos saddling the slow-jam sway with sustained sultry wailing, a seasoned croon of virtuosity.

Created by musicmaking entity Exmag, the track begins with mellow horizontally inclined hip-hop shuffle, sheafing metallic hi-hats deliciously clacking snares thudthumping kicks. Lounge-leaning guitar chords lilting liquidly and the chill wobbly tones of an organ dim the lights and set the mood; uzi hi-hats and that screaming guitar power-up later on; staccato bass lays down immense groove. The track ends with shivering shaker shuffle, synth chords in syncopation, a jostling procession of energy. 'Ten Thousand Chains' is smooth and sleek with epic accoutrements, its twoness is effortlessly maintained, a combo track that anticipates the brimming potential of nightfall, prophecies and memories weaving together amidst a purple post-sunset dusk.

Exmag Internet Presence ☟

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