Monday 12 December 2016


As soon a this track by Atlanta-based M-Cubed starts you sorta know you're in for it, in for something popping and energetic, and that is definitely what you get. What literally first came to mind was Sonic CD (a game what else), specifically the themes for some of the "Bad Future" levels, not that its reminiscent but the futuristic feel of it all, the industrial cog in the machine spirals of grandslam percussion tickety-tickety clackclackclacck thumping diagonal or like a fly bumping into a window, the dystopian flavour of the voxy chord-pads syncopating through the first section, those arpeggiating synths thoughts of digital brains. Got that dark jazzy atmosphere of that soundtrack with the same sorta speed and Sonic you know he's a fast hedgehog isn't he. Chaotic beautiful, yet also very laced with precision and mathematics.

But the track gradually slows down, morphs through a couple of phases, goes from this speedball clatterraucous mayhem into one just a little less busy from 1:25 on, adding these atonal organ chords and hyper little melodies like an injection of Bach. Then 2:07 the beat's accents and ornamentations fly away and leave only a slow nodding beat, gently wobbling electric piano chords warming out the rest of the track as things gradually fall away, the last mechanical sounds of before slowing and distorting at the very end. To arrive at that point from those stuttering robotics and shattering beatscapes of before is astounding, that change in dynamic and feel throughout making this broken beat-feeling half-footwork half-experimental track a playground of sound.

  • This arrived courtesy of M-Cubed of course but it arrives also courtesy of COMPUTER GHOST URL MUSIC, an online music collective. They release electronic computery music on their SoundCloud as far as I can tell.
  • The artwork in all its crystalline distortion glory is by ASTRAL, who also created the logo for Computer Ghost URL Music, too. The blue and pink merging in these skeletal lines fit the jagged beatisms of the track, that's for sure.

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