Friday 9 December 2016


It's nice to hear a little bit of garage sound. Because it's such a specific thing, or at least was when it was most popular, the genreless feeling of modern day music that allows a natural exposition of different atmospheres whilst using this garage shuffle as a jiggling tapfoot backdrop is all the more interesting. Irish producer Harmful Logic does it here with a new track called 'blade' and he's used a picture of Yoshimitsu from Tekken series etc. and you know artwork is always a thing, always an influencer on how a track comes across, so here I guess it's like a soundtrack to the futuristic bossness of this fighting character. I always thought Yoshimitsu was a robot; is he?*

Anyway so the track has this rapid skipping offbeat that goes with garage as natural as you wouldn't have cylindrical french fries would you, cutting sheaves of lo-fi hi-hats and smart snare clacks with that kiltered out kick. So there's that, keeping athletic pace, set upon by elastic lead sounds that bounce around in high pitch gliding from one note to the next, and this then industrial sleeve of synth grumbling and painting metallic atmosphere whilst trance icicles crystalline lance through it, your very own ice cavern, the whirling dirvish of a circuitboard.

*he is not, he just has a robotic arm?

  • Harmful Logic kindly once made a guest mix specifically and exclusively for YES/NO, it's true. Check it out!?

Harmful Logic Internet Presence ☟

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